Who are we?

Every resident of Oakworth is automatically a member of the Village Society and our meetings are open to everyone. Visit the ‘Dates‘ page, and come along to one of our meetings, you’ll be made most welcome.

Where are we?

Oakworth is a village in West Yorkshire near to Keighley, and Haworth – the home of the Bronte family and the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

The aim of Oakworth Village Society as defined in the Amended Constitution of 1978 is: to stimulate local interest in village life and foster the spirit of community. To work for the preservation, conservation and improvement of features of general public amenity and interest.

We meet as a committee for open meetings most months of the year, in a first floor room at Holden Hall, usually in the first or second week in the month. See the Events section for future events.
All residents of Oakworth are welcome to attend. If there is something about your village that you’d like to help with or even complain about, you will be most welcome.

A working core committee arranges the following events:

Annual General Meeting on a Thursday evening in early March.

Summer Gala on the first Saturday afternoon in July.

Remembrance Ceremony on Remembrance Sunday morning.

Christmas Fair on the first Saturday afternoon in December.

Tewitt Lane Memorial ceremony on the nearest convenient Sunday to January 2nd.

Extraordinary public meetings are arranged if it is found to be necessary.

The Summer Gala and Christmas Fair are organised by the Village Society, so that all local organisations who are invited to attend can use the facility to raise funds for their own particular purpose, i.e. they only pay a nominal ground rent to the Society – All further monies raised are for themselves – hence an overall total of money raised at these two events is difficult to evaluate.

The ground rent and admission by donations, cover the costs incurred by the Society to stage the event.

We have liaison with the Neighbourhood Forum and Keighley Area Panel team, the Police and Worth Valley Councillors are also invited to our meetings so that we have contact within those channels and we are grateful for the support given to us from them all.

Our local ward councillors on Keighley Town council are: Peter Corkindale, Mark Curtis and Luke Maunsell.
Visit the Keighley Town Council website

For any questions about these events or any aspects of the Village Society, please contact our Hon. Correspondence Secretary, Mrs. Janet M. Armstrong, on 01535 642625

Oakworth lies along the southern slopes of the Worth Valley at an altitude of about 800 feet, straddling the B6143 Keighley to Colne Road. The name means ‘Oak tree Enclosure’, and Oakworth (Accurde) – along with it’s near neighbour Newsholme (Neuhuse) – was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086, in the ownership of Gilbert de Tison.

The population at the 1981 census was 4,846, living in 1772 dwellings. Later surveys do not provide figures for Oakworth as such (for electoral purposes the village is part of the Worth Valley Ward of Bradford Metropolitan Council), but the present population is estimated at between 5000 and 6000, and the number of houses at more than 2000. The majority of residents work outside the village, but some employment is provided by local industry, light engineering, shops, schools and service industries. Much of the land surrounding Oakworth is used for dairy farming, which together with sheep rearing forms the basis of agriculture in the area.

Oakworth is largely spared the ceaseless and at times, overwhelming influx of visitors endured by the more famous Haworth, directly across the valley. It was not always thus, for the Victorians would come to marvel at the splendour of Oakworth House, enjoy a stroll in it’s magnificent gardens and the parklands beyond, and perhaps even meet and chat to Sir Isaac Holden, whose philanthropic nature encouraged such visitors. All this at a time when the Bronte family had still to acquire posthumously, their world wide following.