Save Holden Hall from Closure

Oakworth’s Holden Hall is yet again under threat of closure by Bradford Council…
Many local groups use our hall and if it goes we lose the only large meeting hall in our village. Even after Oakworth Methodist Chapel has completed it’s extension, it still won’t be large enough for some groups like Oakworth Scouts, they need Holden Hall and if it closes they will have nowhere else in the village to hold their meetings, so local children will miss out and that should not be allowed to happen.
There’s an open day this coming weekend to find out more and see the new refurbishment work that has been done and the plan to rescue our local hall, it’s on Saturday 11th February from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please come along to register your support and opposition to the closure and even if you can’t attend, please share this message with others and tag people so we can spread the word about this meeting and help to save our local hall!

Holden Hall closure 2017
Open day at Holden Hall on Saturday 11th Feb 2017.

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