Oakworth War Memorial

Here is a list of Oakworth’s war dead from the Great War. There are forty-four names on the Oakworth War Memorial which was unveiled in 1937, rather late for a Great War commemoration. This was one of the last public acts by Oakworth Urban District Council which went under the auspices of Keighley Borough Council in 1938. The cost of £160 was raised entirely from public subscription.

Because many years had passed since the end of the war, we think that many men were simply not added because the people who could remember them to put their names forward for inclusion, had either died or had moved away from Oakworth by 1936/37, so these men were simply missed off the list. Research by The Men of Worth Project has discovered another twenty-two names (so far) which have been added to this list below. These men were born, lived or worked in Oakworth when they served in the Great War, the same criteria as can be applied to those already on the war memorial. There is of course another possibility, that their family didn’t want to put them on the memorial, but we think this would have been a rare occurence.

Please click on a name to view an image of their biography:

John Thomas Alderson
Edwin Andrews
Richard Baker
Clifford Baxandall
Fred Binns
James Binns
Arthur Brown
Louis Brown
Milford Brown
Ellis Taylor Butterfield
Ernest Byram
Smith Clayton
Fred Coates
John Arthur Cole
James Bertram Creek
Alfred Denison
Arthur Dinsdale
George H. (John) Docksey
John Dunnett
John Earnshaw
Laban Feather
William Robinson Fletcher
Allan Green
Joseph Hale
Craven Harling
Herbert Heaton
George Hodgetts
Robert Hodgson
Percy Hollings
William Norman Holt
Oswald Holt Johnson
Arthur Julian
Fred Lock
Arthur Lund
Samuel (Harry) Lund
Thomas Stone (McHugh)
Frank Midgley
Joseph T. R. Midgley
Fred Moore
Herbert Moore
Fred Nixon
Tom Nixon
Charles Page
George Page MM
Fred Peverley
Joseph Henry Philburn (Philbin)
Allan Pickles
Harry Pickles
Norman Powell
William H. Priestley
Albert Reddihough
William Roe
Arthur Ryder
Arthur Smith
Cecil W. Smith
Oswald Smith
Walter Smith
Arthur Sugden
John Paget Sugden
Luther Sunderland
Norman Walbank
James Whitaker
Binns Wilkinson
Luther Wilkinson
Lawrence Wood